Josh Cadman, Former Singing Student and Graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music: “Sara is a highly skilled, dedicated and caring voice teacher. She is a teacher that really listens to the voices of her students, and tailors her approach to their needs, which is rare. I began lessons with Sara shortly after my voice had broken, aged 14, and she nurtured and developed my voice over four years, imparting to me a solid vocal technique, language skills and musical theory and understanding, which would subsequently allow me to go on to study voice at the Royal Northern College of Music. Now, as a professional singer and voice teacher myself, it is even more apparent to me how blessed I was as a young singer to be in such safe hands.” 

November 2013

Dominic Konieczny, Former Singing Student and Graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama: "Sara has been a pivotal role in my development as a musician. She is the most well-rounded teacher that I have had. She was able to advance my skills whilst keeping me inspired, accommodating my interests and stretching my limits at the same time. Sara always knows what I am capable of achieving and never made the mistake of pushing me too far or setting goals too small. Sara is very thorough, detailed and has a deep insight into technique and artistry. It is clear that Sara is extremely passionate about teaching her pupils. She also cares greatly for the individual and is extremely motivating when things seem difficult. Sara has really built my character as a musician and as a person and the skills I learned from her will remain for life."

October 2011

Josie Hawthorn, Singing Student (age 12): "During the time of being a student of Sara's, I feel I have progressed in voice, technique, boldness and many more strengths in which Sara helps you build up.

"She is professional but at the same time very approachable. This is very comforting. If your child is nervous and lacks confidence, she is a brilliant confidence-giver. Sara always works 100% to prepare me for festivals, which also give me experience.

"She holds concerts once a term to entertain and again to build confidence and experience. They are always to a high standard. 

"Sara has become more than a singing teacher to me: she has become my friend. I adore her. She is such a wonderful person to be around. I highly recommend her."

October 2011

Heta Lumsden, Singing Student: "Sara Cunningham is a professional, inspirational singing teacher. Her approach is thorough and progressive, yielding results at each session but also requiring commitment from the student. I can now see the difference that my own physical awareness and fitness make in my voice production, and Sara's visualization exercises are particularly helpful in releasing sound and freeing physical tension in the body. Sara has helped me find a repertoire that stretches me and is fun to sing, whilst also expanding my appreciation of different kinds of music. 

"During this year, Sara has found me opportunities to perform and encouraged me to join other soloists in private recitals. These recitals have taught me to enjoy performance and given me a confidence I never felt before.

"I have studied under two singing teachers before finding Sara but have learned more in this one year than in a decade before. 

"If you are serious about wanting to learn to sing, Sara is the professionally trained singing teacher who will help you unlock your voice and find the singer in you." 

July 2011

Paul Murphy, Principal Conductor, Birmingham Royal Ballet: "I had the pleasure of working with Sara at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in March of this year, when she was the soloist for the ballet Still Life at the Penguin Café. She was called upon to demonstrate a diversity of musical styles in the piece, which she delivered with aplomb; in particular, a long seamless legato which is clearly a particular strength.

"Sara possesses the winning combination of an expressive, versatile voice and an engaging, affable personality. She responded beautifully to working with a conductor and blending with a full orchestra. As a person, Sara is accommodating, professional, flexible yet confident and assertive." 

June 2011

Peter Cook, Former Director, London College of Music Junior College: "Sara has been associated with the LCM Junior College since the late 1990s, taking over as Head of the Vocal Department in 2004. This appointment was due to her past record together with her enthusiasm for her subject and the multitude of ideas she expressed for developing and improving the vocal department.

"In the four years that Sara was Head of Department she greatly improved the singing in all aspects. The Junior Choir increased in size substantially and their performance improved with every concert.

"Sara had excellent relations with her students, one of whom is now studying at the Royal Northern College of Music. She also had very good working relationships with all the staff. I always found her to be honest and reliable and willing to 'go the extra mile' with her work."

July 2010

Harriet Wadey, Singing Student (age 10): "Sara is just great – she is so encouraging and her lessons are fun as well as positively challenging. As soon as I started lessons with Sara my voice got better and better, and still it is improving!! I love the way Sara suggests interesting songs to work on and organises opportunities for her other students and me to get together and do informal concerts. They are fun and help so much with my confidence!"

October 2011

Bridget Rankin, Singing Student: "Sara is an excellent singing teacher and puts a great deal of thought into her preparations for teaching. She has lots of ideas and is dedicated to building confidence as well as technique, vocal strength and musical expression. 

"I am an amateur choral singer and have been keen to improve my understanding of music theory and harmony. Sara has helped me enormously with this and my confidence and ability to sight-sing have really improved under her tuition. I always enjoy my lessons which include some laughter to accompany the hard work." 

October 2011

Rosie Holder, Singing Student: "Working with Sara is fun, uplifting and inspiring. Sara regularly brings new ideas and approaches to our lessons which keeps them fresh and challenging. She is also open to ideas on repertoire whilst guiding me on the best choices for my voice. Overall always a great experience." 

October 2011

Linda Taylor, Singing Student: "I came to Sara for a singing lesson to help me prepare for a re-audition for the choir I sing with. I was so impressed that I became a regular pupil. I enjoy my lessons very much and have benefited immensely from Sara's inspirational teaching. With her, I have developed my singing technique, repertoire, language skills, and my confidence. Our end-of-term concerts are happy occasions giving us the opportunity to perform and also hear the progress of other singers. I have also had the opportunity to sing with fellow pupils at a recent recital evening. Sara prepares us for these events and gives such encouragement and support. Thanks for reigniting my love for singing."

October 2011